Lions District 201 C2 - SA, Vic, NT, NSW

Lions District 201C2 - Australia

Lions, Lioness & Leo Clubs in SA, NT, Vic & NSW

C2 Foodbank Project


Donate to Foodbank now to help
those in need over Christmas

     Some examples of how your donation will help.

     $10 will provide 100 children with bread & milk,
     $35 will provide one person 3 meals a day person for one month,
     $100 provides 1,000 people with a plate of spaghetti bolognaise,|
     $135 will provide a child provide a nutritious breakfast for every day of one year!

     Your local aid agencies distribute the food where it is needed the most.

     Maybe your club can see fit to use some of your cake sales profits as a basis
     of your donation.


     Trevor Phillips (aka grumpy)

      Email Trevor

     Foodbank Project Chairman