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Carolyns Chemo Caps

Once in a while within communities there comes a person who through life circumstances decides they want to help others in the same situation. Carolyn Mugford had a dream and launched a project that has enabled many others to feel better about themselves in the face of adversity.

Carolyn Mugford suffered from Non Hodkinsons Lymphoma and found she was losing her hair because of Chemotherapy treatment. She suffered a loss of self-esteem because of this and became aware that she needed to make herself feel better, and covering her hair loss in a stylish way was the answer. The caps and wigs available felt uncomfortable and so she decided to make her own hair covering.

Carolyn designed and developed a Chemocap for herself in a stretch fabric which was more comfortable than the alternatives available. Other women asked how could they obtain a cap for themselves.

Carolyn used her own funds in the beginning to buy materials to donate caps to others who had also had chemotherapy treatment for various reasons, and had consequently lost their hair. A dedicated band of local people came on board to help sew the caps and facilities were provided through the generosity of the Macclesfield RSL.

The Project became Carolyn’s Chemocaps Project which was first taken on by Battunga Country Lions Club in 2012 and became a Lions Project much later in 2013.

The Project has grown and other Lions Clubs have their own workshops in Gilbert Valley, Mt Barker, Hallett Cove, Red Cliffs in Mildura. Mt Gambier Lions service the Mt Gambier Hospital through the Battunga Country Lions as does Gawler Hospital, McGrath health Care Workers and The Barossa Fundraisers. Caulfield Lions Club in Melbourne service Cabrin Hospital and Peter McCallum Clinic.

Battunga Country Lions Club workshop alone has made and delivered over 8,000 Chemo Caps since March 2012.

Sponsors of the Project and donations from the public have helped support the Project which received the Heide Taylor Community Service Medal and Prize in 2012.

Hospitals which have welcomed the Project include Flinders Private and General, The Womens and Childrens, Lyell McEwin, Burnside, Calvary, Royal Adelaide, Victor Harbor, Gawler, Mt Barker, Repat, Naracoorte, Queen Elizabeth and Tennyson House.

Quoting what Martin Luther King once said “I had a dream”, this Project shows that dreams can become reality.

Donations are welcome from anyone who would like to see the Project grow and expand further to provide the Caps to people in other parts of Australia.

Please visit the website or Facebook carolynschemocaps or contact Su Keal on 0429 889 309 for details of how to make a donation.