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Introducing DG Bryan Hearn and Kay


Kay and I are both English by birth having immigrated to Australia with our young family in 1971. Immediately prior to then I had been a village bobby in Wing, Buckinghamshire with Kay “manning” the station in my absence.

I joined the SA police service and graduated in 1972. I initially served as a uniform patrol officer before training as a police prosecutor. I later moved into general CIB duties and then into specialist CIB duties with the Major Fraud Squad where I spent several years investigating corporate crime. I retired in 2000 as Detective Senior Sergeant. During my police career I also served for 8 years as a hostage negotiator.

Kay spent her working life with the ANZ bank as a teller. This has more than adequately prepared her for various treasurers’ roles including the local hospital volunteers group, the McLaren Districts Lions club and the 2015 C2 Convention.

Both of us have had a lengthy involvement in the administration of soccer in SA. We were both made life members of the Parafield Gardens Soccer Club. I also served as chairman of the local association where I was also granted a life membership. I moved on to the State body where I became a Commissioner and for 4 years had responsibility for all junior soccer in South Australia. I was lucky enough to be awarded membership of the SA Soccer Hall of Fame in 2013.

We moved to McLaren Vale in 2003 where we both quickly became involved with a number of local organisation including the community hospital, Kay as a volunteer and myself as a Hospital Board of Management member. I later became Chairman of the Board of Management for a period of 7 years before resigning to concentrate on Lions matters.

We joined the McLaren Districts Lions Club in 2007 where we were both readily accepted. Since then I have held a variety of positions including club President for 2 years and secretary for 4 years. I joined the C2 cabinet as a zone chairman in 2009. This was followed by various District Chairmen roles and I successfully nominated as 2VDG in 2012.

I have participated in Emerging Lions and Advanced Lions Institutes as well as the Faculty Development Institute and the Faculty Development Institute Excellence Series. I was the local organiser for an Advanced Institute held in Adelaide in 2014 and participated as a faculty member at the Emerging Lions Institute held in Rotorua, New Zealand in 2015. I have a great interest in training and personal development and have presented at many different forums and workshops including a Regional Institute in Adelaide in 2013. I have been responsible for the delivery of all incoming President training in C2 for the past 2 years and have done so again in 2016.

Kay was awarded a James D Richardson award by McLaren Districts Lions Club in 2010. I was awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship by the C2 District Governor in 2012 and have received 3 secretary’s 100% awards.