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Challenge Yourself – Embrace the World

Embrace the world. Given the era of uncertainty that we live in “Embrace the World” can mean many things. Of particular significance we need to embrace humanity. A trait of all forms of life whether it be animal or human is greed, followed by power and corruption. As Lions we are making every attempt to overcome this but we need to do more.

Embrace the world can also mean embrace the environment on an international scale. As the human population has increased enormous damage has been done to the environment through extinction of animal species through over clearing of their habitats or killing them for trophies or misguided beliefs about aphrodisiacs.

Embrace the world by convincing Corporate businesses that they need to develop technology to reduce the amount of Co2 that is being emitted into the atmosphere and also to reduce pollution that is finding its way into our oceans causing huge losses to aquatic life.

Embrace the aspirations and vision of Melvin Jones who one hundred years ago formed Lions Clubs International. Remember that famous line in the Lions Code of Ethics.

“To be careful with my criticism and liberal with my praise to build up and not destroy”.


About me
Born in 1947 now seventy years old. Educated at Beachport Primary School, Millicent High School, and twelve months at Roseworthy Agricultural College. I Later graduated in Level Three in Viticulture.

Following education  I returned home to the family farm near Beachport which I managed after my father passed away at the early age of forty seven. I was twenty-three at the time.

I continued farming until Pam and I retired in 2010.

I have over the years had a very involved community commitment consisting of sport, school council, Rural Youth, Agricultural organisations, Country Fire Service, Local Government Ward representative and more lately a member of the Beachport Rivoli Bay Lions Club. I was a Charter Member of the Beachport Lions Club and over the years have held many positions at Club level and District.

Since the 2017 Edwardstown C2 Convention I am now DG Elect of the Lions District 201C2.

Pam and I will celebrate fifty years of happy marriage this year and have four children and a swag of grandchildren.

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