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Lions Cancer Lodges Support Group

Recent activities with the Lions Cancer Lodges Support Group

The Kimberly Clark Australia - Millicent and Tantanoola Social Club Social Club recently donated $10,000 to the Lions Cancers Lodges Support Group Project.

Chairman Lion Ivan Mahoney is delighted in receiving such a generous donation.
The donation builds the current funds to $54,000. These funds are directed to improving the amenity of the accommodation lodges operated by the Cancer Council of South Australia.

Country based patients are able to be accommodated at the three Cancer Council lodges while attending the major medical centres in Adelaide for ongoing clinical treatment.

Lion Ivan recognised that the amenity of the lodges could be improved to make the stay of the country based patient much more comfortable and to assist the patients cope with the rigors associated with their ongoing medical treatment.

Many practical improvements have been made to the facilities since the project started in October 2010.

Lion Ivan Mahoney and the committee are very appreciative of the support that has been received from many organisations, sporting clubs, Lions Clubs and the public.

Furthermore, Ivan seeks ongoing support from the community to continue this humanitarian project.

Lions take great pride in being able to help country patients during their hour of need. It is clear that the facilities are widely used with patients arriving from across South Australia and interstate, including the Northern Territory. The investment made in the interest patient comfort is a most worthwhile outcome. Lions encourage the entire community to support the project and make life a little easier for those afflicted by major and threatening illness.

If you require further information on the Lions Cancer Lodges Support Group or would like to make a donation please contact one of the following Lions:

Chairman Ivan Mahoney 0488 001 354 or 8723 2737
Secretary Trevor Fulton 0427 978 777 or 8725 8585
Treasurer Leigh Wheatley 0430 031 909 or 8724 7368

Presentation Kimberly Clark & Millicent Tantanoola cheque

The above image shows Social Club President Don Renehan, Secretary Nick Hann, Daniel Foster, John Harrington, Lion Leigh Wheatley, Wayne Sutcliffe, Alison Thrussell, Lisa Duldig and Brie Vanderwaal at the $10,000 cheque  presentation.