Lions District 201 C2 - SA, Vic, NT, NSW

Lions District 201C2 - Australia

Lions & Leo Clubs in SA, NT, Vic & NSW

MD 201 PROJECTS - these are projects, foundations and activities sanctioned by all of the Australian disticts.

Alphabetical Listing of Foundations, Programs and Activities

Australian Honours Advisory Body

Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF)

Australian Lions Children's Mobility Foundation (ALCMF)

Australian Lions Diabetes Education "Hypo-drive" Project

Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation (ALDAF)

Australian Lions Foundation (ALF)

Australian Lions Operation Smile

Australian Lions Pin Traders Club

District 201V6 Lions Foundation Ltd

Emergency Medical Information Book

Global Leadership Team and Global Membership Team

Leo Clubs

Letters to Father Christmas

Lion Mint Australia

Lioness Clubs

Lionnet Australia

Lions Cancer Institute - Western Australia

Lions Camp Duckadang Pty Ltd

Lions Christmas Cakes

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)

Lions Cord Blood Foundation

Lions Dryandra Woodlands Village - Western Australia

Lions Emergency Accommodation Centre (Sunshine Coast) 201Q3

Lions Eye Health Program

Lions Hearing Dogs:

This is a not-for-profit organisation providing hearing dogs and training and their use to hearing impaired people Australia-wide. Dogs and follow-up support are provided free of charge. More information on the link above
Supplied nearly 500 dogs Australia-wide since 1982.
The majority of funding comes from Australian Lions Clubs which, together with other donations and sponsorship, makes it possible to produce highly trained and effective hearing dogs.

Lions Hearing Foundation - Western Australia

Lions House Foundation - Heidelberg Victoria

Lions International Essay Competition

Lions International Peace Poster Competition

Lions International Stamp Club

Lions Medical Research Foundation - C Districts - SA

Lions Medical Research Foundation - Q Districts - Qld

Lions NSW ACT Save Sight Foundation Lions Clubs NSW Public Health Care Foundation

Lions Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment Project

Get involved with Lions Quest

Lions Recycle for Sight

Lions Save Sight Foundation - Western Australia

Lions Spinal Cord Fellowship

Lions Visual Independence Foundation Incorporated (LVIF)

Lions Youth Emergency Accommodation Centre (Pine Rivers) 201Q3

Lions Youth Camps

Lions Youth Exchange

Lions Youth Haven

Lions Youth of the Year

Nurses Scholarship Foundation

Oz Clubhouse Free Web Site for Clubs

Pre-School Autism Education and Therapy Project

Victorian Lions Foundation

Western Australian Lions Drug Education Foundation - Western Australia