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Peace Poster - 2016 Winner


District C2 Peace Poster Winner

          Congratulations to our District C2 2016 Peace Poster competition winner Emily Muller from Barmera Primary School.

Her entry was submitted by the Barmera Lions Club.

The theme for this year’s competition was “A Celebration of Peace.”
In addition to the picture, entrants were also required to provide a quote relative to the same topic.
Emily’s quote was “Peace gives the world its colour.”

I received 12 entries from which it proved extremely difficult to select a winner.

All entrants are to be thanked for their involvement and congratulated on the obvious hard work they all put into their entries.
Some were more detailed and colourful than others but it was the simplicity of Emily’s entry that eventually won the day.
Unsuccessful entries will be returned either during club visits or at the January cabinet meeting.

It was pleasing to note that all the entries I received complied with the rules relative to size. I know that in the past,
some entries had to be disqualified due to being either under or over size.

The supporting clubs are to be thanked for their support of the program and the individual schools and students involved.

Well done everybody and once again, congratulations to Emily.

Bryan Hearn DG, C2