Lions District 201 C2 - SA, Vic, NT, NSW

Lions District 201C2 - Australia

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Introducing Darryl Morley District Governor, 201C2, 2021-22


Hi everyone. I have the honour of being your District Governor for 2021-22

I live in Kingston SE and have been here since 1990. I am married to Lions Lady Barbara for 46 years.

We have 3 children – Chris, who is a viticulturist with Petaluma in the Adelaide Hills, Theressa who is a registered nurse and works in Kingston and Rohan, an air traffic controller in Melbourne.

We are blessed with 8 grandchildren.

Professionally both Barbara and I are teachers but I now enjoy the luxury of retirement. I have been a deputy principal/principal since 1987. Prior to that I was an advisor and a demonstration teacher. I have been on school, district and state committees and during the 1990’s was on the board of Mainstreet Theatre Company, Country Arts SA and the Riddoch Art Gallery.

I am a keen sportsman and have served on many committees over the years. I joined Lions in 2009 and have held many portfolios, the last being as a Zone Chair and now a Vice District Governor. I am passionate about empowering our youth and participate in Youth of the Year and Mad Minute projects.

My motto is “Unity with Diversity.” If I had to focus on one cause, apart from our 5 objectives, it would be standing against domestic violence in all of its forms. I look forward to visiting clubs this year and making new friendships.

Darryl Morley